Colt Island

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The Skerries Islands

St Patrick’s Island
So called because he is said to have founded a monastery here, which flourished until the Vikings raided. In 1220 the Archbishop of Dublin issued a directive to move the Monastery to the mainland as the island was found to be too inconvenient.

Shenick Island
The most southerly of the Skerries Islands, has a Martello tower that has a visible link between the Towers on Red Island and Drumanagh. Since 1987 the island has become a wildlife reserve.

Red Island
Despite its name, is no longer an island. Now it is a rocky headland connected to the mainland by a roadway, which forms part of the quay wall of the harbour. A Martello Tower stands on the island.

Colt Island

A small island off Red Island.

Rockabill Lighthouse
Lies about five kilometres off the shore in an easterly direction, and is clearly visible from Skerries.
Rockabill is an internationally important breeding site for Roseate Tern and is the most important colony in Europe.

Lambay Island
Situated about six miles from Skerries. It is the largest island off the east coast of Ireland and is about 1,371 acres in size.